I believe that what we experience has meaning. Painful emotional experiences, such as acute or chronic depression and anxiety, have information embedded within them that we need to understand to move on to a richer, fuller life.

Psychotherapy helps us decode these messages from our unconscious. We can change; we don't have to relive the same relationship, job, or other life pattern that has left us feeling stuck, frustrated, and defeated.

These feelings can make us feel isolated, even if we have family or friends who want to listen. Sometimes it's just too hard to explain what's going on inside. This is when talking to an experienced psychotherapist can really make a difference.

The mind and the body are connected, of course, and sometimes talking is not enough. I am a traditionally trained psychodynamic psychotherapist, as well as a classically trained homeopath. Homeopathy is a complementary medicine that has been in use for the last 200 years all over the world. It is a gentle form of treatment and is especially appropriate for people who need an adjunctive treatment, but for one reason or another do not want to take psychiatric medications. This could include drug-sensitive people, nursing mothers, children with behavior or learning disorders, or simply people who don't want to take a drug to be able to sleep or to get up in the morning and face the day.

Call me, and together we can work to make meaning and create movement, when you can't do it alone.